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A Women’s Group for Creating a Life that Gives Back

Balance * Satisfying Connections * Relational Sensitivity * Self-Compassion * Equity * Support

We’ve Got You.

Women of high value are profoundly empathetic, kind, and listen and love unconditionally. We also are ambitious, brave, persistent, and assertive. More than ever, women are called to be leaders in today’s world, in the home, the community, and in the office.

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Successful women today are summoned to be both soft and resilient. To be put together and multiskilled. To care for others, and themselves.

Grit and Grace is a coaching group where women show up for themselves, and for other women who get it. In this group you will: 

  • Find a renewable source of energy

  • Strengthen your mindset and confidence

  • Build supportive bonds

  • Feel heard and understood by like-minded women

  • Feel emboldened to take next steps toward your personal goals or vision

  • Enhance your self-awareness

  • Find new ways to achieve results you desire

When: Every Tuesday March 21-May 23rd, 2023 from 5:30-7PM, with the option to renew

Where: The Nuin Center at 5655 Bryant St, Highland Park*

Who: Women living in the Pittsburgh area

Investment: $585

(can be broken into two payments or receive 10% discount if paid in full when reserving)

*Space limits allow for only nine incredible women

Diane Dean, MA, RN, CUG is a former counselor, nurse and professionally trained coach and the founder and leader of Epiphany! Coaching. Diane is on a mission to support and develop professionals in having a career and a life that her clients can feel great about.

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Epiphany! Coaching
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